Beach areas

Salty beaches both north and south

There are plenty of opportunities for nice and salty baths. The island has two beach areas with trampolines, bathing ladders and sandy beaches, as well as a number of rocky slopes and coves for those who want peace and quiet.

In the North Harbour there is a beach place with a pontoon pier, a small diving board and a sandy beach. The beach area is very popular with families with children, since the sandy beach and the green summer meadow are suitable for the smaller children. The well-sized sun deck is popular for both the young and the slightly older.

The South Harbour’s beach area is called Hala. There is also a small sandy beach and jetty, but many of those who come here want to jump and dive from the diving board, from the rocks and from the 3-meter diving tower. There is also an easily accessible bathing jetty with a ladder suiting the ones who find it difficult to get in and out of the water.

(Psst, both the beach areas and ports work fine for shore crab fishing)