Fire department and ambulance

At Dyrön there is a voluntary fire department, part of the Fire brigade of SBRF (Södra Bohuslän’s Rescue Service Association). The main task is to act in the event of a fire and to assist in emergency events in anticipation of an ambulance or ambulance helicopter.

Health emergency vehicle

Dyröns Samhällsförening has financed a health emergency vehicle (a stripped, former ambulance) and built a garage for it, next to the fire department building (at the playground near the small supermarket). The vehicle is equipped with a stretcher. In the event of an emergency alarm via the Fire brigade, it is used for transport up to the regular ambulance / ferry or helicopter landing on Dyrövallen. The vehicle is maintained and run by the local fire department personnel.

On other occasions, members of the association may use it for transporting someone in need between the ferry and their living quarters. This can for example be someone who is going to or coming from Rönnäng on a health care visit and needs help with the island transport.

If you wish to lend the health emergency vehicle, please text a message to Kristofer Ågren 0706 77 58 52. State the actual lending hours so that he can convey the information to the fire department – so that they know where to find the vehicle in case of emergency. Information about where the key is placed is sent in a returning text message. The vehicle should always be returned in fully operational condition.