Dyröns samhällsförening (the Civic Association)

Dyröns Samhällsförening was founded in March 2000. The purpose is to work for a year round animated community. You can become a member if you are a registered inhabitant or part-time resident of Dyrön and have turned 15 years of age. Others may become support members. The number of members is over 340.

Dyröns Samhällsförening maintains/operates the Dyröleden (with rest-, viewing- and barbecue-areas), Dyrö sauna, Scen för alla, Minnenas Bod, Galleri Bockeberget, some maintenance of the bath in Nordhamnen, parking space for handcarts/vehicles/mopeds in Nordhamnen, the playground at the store and the ambulance vehicle /garaget (by the Fire Service shed).

The membership fee is SEK 100 per member annually, SEK 200 per family.

If you want to write: Dyröns Samhällsförening, 471 43 DYRÖN

If you want to email: dyronssamhallsforening@gmail.com

Do you want to support us: Bank transfer: 5464-1600 Swish 123 161 65 72

If you want to check what’s happening more up-to-date: Follow us on Facebook; Dyrön Samhällsförening, Dyröbastun, Dyröleden or Scen för alla

If you want to support the operation of Scen för alla, they have their own Swish number 123 508 7846.

Other information regarding the association has not been translated into English. Email any questions.