Wondrous views and wild sheep

Experience the nature of Bohuslän walking the approximately 4.5 km long hiking trail around the island. The view of the fjord of Marstrands with the fortress of Carlsten in the background, Pater Noster and Åstol in the west is as breathtaking as the view of Risön, Hättan and Hakefjorden in the east.

The shipping lane to Wallhamn and Stenungsund iss just south of Dyrön, so it’s likely you see large ships passing just a few hundred meters away. If you are botanically interested, lots of rare plants may catch your interest. You may even be lucky enough to encounter the wild mouflon that roam the island.

The starting points of the trail are marked with clear signs. On the trail, half-meter high posts and emergency poles mark it out. Along the trail there are also information signs that give you an image of the area and its history. The signs are in Swedish, English and German. There are also tables with benches set up in a number of strategic places – for you to stop and picknick or just sit and enjoy yourself for a while.

On the east side there is a detour up to the Grinneberget viewpoint. Once up there you will find a barbecue area where there during the war was an air defence gun mounted. Right next there is a large table with benches that can seat 24 people – the view is lovely. In the west there is also a lookout point. The hill, which is one meter higher than Grinneberget, also offers it a magnificent view and a table with benches for tired feet and legs. Also – don’t miss the ravine of “Dyne” in the middle of the western part of the trail. At the bottom of the ravine there is a wooden deck with tables and benches, perfect for coffee break overlooking the island of Åstol.

The walking trail is mountainous and may be slippery when wet, so you need healthy legs and proper shoes or boots. However, stairs, bridges and railings, make the hike easier to access in the more difficult stretches. The trail is 5 km long around the whole island, but there are 6 entry points and exits so you can choose a shorter route. It takes about 75 minutes to walk around the island in a quick gait, but you might have to add time to have some coffee, to read the information boards or just come to a standstill and fully enjoy the view.

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The story of the trail

The hiking trail is owned and kept by Dyröns Samhällsförening. It was built by a bunch of pensioners, completely non-profit, between 2000 and 2008. The pensioners have carried some 50 tons of wooded boards into the hillsides to build the stairs and the bridges, a fantastic work. The European union (Goal 2 The islands) paid for all the material, but the maintenance is the local association’s business.

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